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Dealers Figure Prominently in Last-Minute Election Salvo

If the GOP gains a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio likely will assume the powerful post of Speaker, replacing Nancy Pelosi. In the election campaign...
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The Secret Company That's Profiting From Every Hybrid On The Road

The auto industry has seen its share of folk heroes over the years, but none like Alex Severinsky. You've likely never heard of him, but his company, Paice, made big news this summer when it beat both...
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Hearses Are Heaven For Colorado Enthusiast

For most, the sight of a hearse elicits an immediate feeling of sobriety, respect, and even dread. For others, however, hearses have a beauty that should be embraced and cherished. And then there are ...
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Is Ford Really Going To Cut Its Product Line-Up?

Ford CEO Alan Mullaly recently announced that his company was going to dramatically reduce its product line-up. Bloomberg reported the following: “’There will be less than 30, on our way t...
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How To Buy A Repo Vehicle

Vehicle repossessions are financial tragedies of the first order, but they can be bonanzas for bargain-hunting car shoppers. In one of the few silver linings of today’s economy, more and more re...
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Free Review:

If you are looking to increase your insurance coverage on your vehicle, the insurance company may require you to obtain a certified auto appraisal.   If you have a custom car, truck or motorcycle, the insurance company won't pay you more than book value. Get a stated value appraisal to cover money spent customizing your vehicle.  Have a collector or exotic vehicle?  Book value does not justify the vehicle value  In case you are in an accident, have a certified auto appraisal done.  Contact us today for a Free Evaluation!

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Will Professionally Evaluate Your Vehicle!


Pinnacle Auto Appraisers prides itself on quickly handling large amounts of vehicles. We routinely handle fleets for: vans, trucking, limousine, shuttle, buses, SUV, corporate, taxi, dealership, clubs, rental, and delivery companies. We handle large national chains, small family businesses, and car club appraisal(s).

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Offers Quality Fleet Appraisals!


If you were involved in an accident and the insurance company deemed your vehicle a total loss, we can help.  If you don't agree with the insurance company's offer, you have the right to hire an independent certified appraiser to determine the actual cash value of your vehicle.  Our certified appraiser will go to the vehicle location, conduct the inspection and complete a certified total loss appraisal on your vehicle.  Total loss claims do require a negotiation phase which we will take care of for you at no additional charge!

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Let Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Help After A Crash!


Our Appraisers are repair shop and car club fanatics! We enjoy when local and national clubs invite us out to their local gatherings. We offer an appraisal discount that lasted all month. We love everything that has an engine and drives on the road. We do our best to help everyone in need of an appraisal!

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers - We Value Car Clubs and Repair Shops!